Class Actress - So Hot Right Now

Artist Draws Uncharted 3 Scenes…in Sand

Yep, has to be one of the coolest things we’ve ever watched.

Venom Founder, Wes Keltner’s #Ted Talk


Very proud to share a first glimpse at our inaugural release with Sub Pop. This of course, is the first physical pressing of Memoryhouse’s first EP, The Years, but I tend to find the term “reissue” doesn’t really capture just what this EP entails. We’ve re-recorded Sleep Patterns, Lately,…

Best Coast Video - Dir. By Drew Barrymore
Half of Netflix Users Connect via Game Console

That title says it all.  But that’s pretty remarkable when you think about it.  A few months ago someone broke a story that 1/3 of all internet traffic in the world was through Netflix. So if half of those are via game consoles…That’s a lot of people watching movies.  We’re thinking in the neighborhood of 40-50 million on PS3 and Xbox alone.  Sure, the study shows that 25% of users are viewing with their Wii’s…that’s actually a shocker to us.  Have you tried surfing netflix on your Wii?  It sucks.,2817,2389260,00.asp

The Drums - Money

Blood Orange - Sutphin Boulevard

Here at Venom we’re always on the hunt for new stuff.  We love video games, music and internet culture…which includes kitty videos (woot!).  We found Blood Orange this weekend and instantly fell for them.  Amazing sound, fantastic song.  

Blood Orange - Sutphin Boulevard from Blood Orange on Vimeo.

Kreayshawn is tuff + Odd Future Cameos.